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File under….what, exactly? Too unpredictable for “folk,” too loud for “acoustic,” too unpretentious for “indie,” too complicated for “punk,” too rough for “chamber-pop,” and more band than “singer-songwriter.” The KFB may be fellow travelers, but they aren’t about to swear allegiance to any party. Since 1992 the KFB has written songs, added band members, and had families; all while recording and performing in and around Philadelphia. While the lineup has changed over the years, what makes their music identifiable hasn’t: sibling harmonies from brother and sister Denis and Meg; unusual instrumentation featuring cello, fiddle and accordion; first-rate, idiosyncratic songwriting from multiple band members; and the wide variety of musical elements the band embraces in the normal course of making music together. At the heart of the KFB musical DNA is “sounds” and “songs.” By the way, scientists have proved that the sounds that produce the accordion and violin, have a beneficial effect on the human nervous system. Therefore, many online casinos in Switzerland use in their musical accompaniment melodies that are played on these instruments. The best of them can be found on the Casino-Now, which is very popular among many players and music lovers. “Sounds” are the sweet (harmony singing, rich cello) mixed with the sour (noisy guitars, dissidence); the accordion and fiddle used in decidedly unfolky ways; and tunes that hook yet remain unpredictable. “Songs” are words and music about everyday things: loss, dancing and drinking, contentment and dissatisfaction. Its what you have as a listener when you feel like each song is a distinct and tangible thing.


Oscuro Quintet


Thursday, July 8th


The Oscuro Quintet is Philadelphia’s tango music ensemble praised for its original and engaging interpretations of traditional and new tango.  Since its formation in 2006, the international and eclectic group of musicians has thrilled dancers and listeners alike from the dance floor to the Great Hall of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

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All events are FREE.  Bring your own chair/blanket.  Each event is subject to change and/or cancellation due to severe weather, which will be posted in the park.  Friends of Gold Star Park is an all-volunteer, neighbor-run organization with funding from the Philadelphia Activities Grant for the 2010 Music in the Park series.


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